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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Getting a part time job at the mall?

Am a 16 year old looking for a job at my local mall and am confused on how I should apply. The mall has a management office and I went in and asked if any of the stores in the mall were hiring and she said to just leave my name and number and I never got a call back. My question is should I go back and go store to store and apply or assume that there is no jobs open.
Nowadays you usually have to apply online....just go to the mall

What does it mean when the bank says it offers two free checks a month?

what does it mean when the bank says it offers two free checks a month, and then charges $5 a check thereafter? I thought you bought a checkbook, and then writing out and depositing checks were free. am I wrong?
Yes, you are wrong. Just because you have a checkbook, it does not necessarily mean that using the checks is free. Many banks do offer free checking but yours, obviously, does not. Maybe it requires you to have a minimum balance to get free checking.
banks can

Allstate car insurance never give me 5% check they say in commercial?

i been all state member for ten years and recently saw a commercial that they give back 5% of my plan if i am a good driver and i havnt gotten it yet
Allstate has MULTIPLE plans. Usually, a dividend plan costs more going in.

You need to talk to your agent - odds are, you

What is 6-figure job?

How much money is that?

In order to become a mental health nurse in UK...?

do you need a bachelor

Would someone like to trade 4000 micreosoft points for a 12 month gold live supscription?

i have a 12 month gold supscription already activated card. the peel off thing is still on the back and i would be happy to take a picture of it if someone wants me to. if someone wants to trade me their 4000 microsoft points you can reply here,to my email WWEGamerboy@yahoo.com, or to my xbox live gamertag whih is KING BABY X. also i understand if people think this is a scam cause they dont know me but i swear im not lying.
if you want Microsoft points you can get them here for free.


copy and paste in the address bar and follow the instructions

no surveys no viruses no downloads

If companies are really in so much trouble...?

Why are CEOs payed outrageous amounts? Why do business employees take so many frequent expensive trips and stay in luxurious hotels? So many companies are into cost cutting and ship jobs overseas to avoid costs, but on the other hand, could cut so many more costs at the top! Why don

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